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CS 143: Introduction to Technologies for Multimedia and Gaming
CS 214: Discrete Structures
CS 221: Computer Science II: Data Structures
CS 317: Design and Analysis of Algorithms, 
CS 487: Database Systems, 
CS 496: ST on Data Mining (with CS696) [Independent Study]


CS 543: Introduction to Multimedia Systems
CS 596: ST: Visualization for Protein Crystallization
CS 641: Data Mining
CS 643 Multimedia Systems, 
CS 670: Computer Networks
CS 687: Database Systems
CS 695: ST in CS (Multimedia Data Mining), 
CS 695: ST in CS (Email Database Clustering) [Independent Study]
CS 695: ST in CS(Multimedia Synchronization) [Independent Study]
CS 695: ST in CS(Bioinformatics) [Independent Study]
CS 695: ST in CS (Information Retrieval, Processing, and Analysis) [Independent Study]
CS 696: ST: Big Data Analytics
CS 696: ST on Data Mining [Independent Study]
CS 696: ST: Vision-Based Control [Independent Study]
CS 795: Independent Study 
CS 795: ST: Thresholding Techniques for Protein Crystal Images
CS 796: Adv. Multimedia systems
CS 796: Feature Extraction and Applications
CS 796: ST: Mining Protein Crystallization Screen Data

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