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Truong Xuan Tran (Ph.D. Candidate)


Khomsun Singhirunnusorn (Ph.D. Candidate)


Femi William (Ph.D. Candidate)


Diwas Sharma (M.S., Candidate)


Bipin Pandey (M.S., Candidate)


Buddha Raj Shrestha (M.S., Candidate)


Ashok Shrestha (M.S., Candidate)


Danxue Huang (RCEU Student)



Imren Dinc (Ph.D., 2016)

Dissertation: "Associative Data Analytics and its Application to Protein Crystallization Analysis"

Semih Dinc (Ph.D., 2016)

Dissertation (Co-Advisor): "Mirage: O(n) Time Analytical Multi-Camera Pose Estimation Method with Application to Trajectory Tracking Problem"

Madhav Sigdel (Ph.D., 2015)

Dissertation: "A Framework for Real-Time Analysis of Protein Crystallization Images"

Yi Chen (Ph.D., 2011)

Dissertation: "Sprite Generation using Sprite Fusion"

Preti Jain (Ph.D., 2009)

Dissertation (Co-Advisor): "Gene Prediction and Comparative Genomics of Symbiotic Fungus Laccaria Bicolor"

Khalid Darabkh (Ph.D.)

Dissertation: "Improving TCP and UDP Performance over Wireless Networks Using Quality of Delivery (QoD) Aware Wireless Systems"





Midusha Shrestha (M.S., 2017)

Thesis: "Schema Matching and Data Integration with Consistent Naming for Protein Crystallization Screen"

Suraj Subedi (M.S., 2017)


Bidhan Bhattarai (M.S., 2017)

Thesis: "Protein Crystallization Screening Using Novelty Search"

Nathan Henderson (M.S., 2017)

Thesis: "Human Action Classification Using Temporal Slicing for Deep Convolutional Neural Networks"

Mahesh Kumar Juttu (M.S., 2017)

Thesis: "Associative Recommender System for Protein Crystallization Screening"

Samyam Acharya (M.S., 2016)

Thesis: "GenScreen: A Genetic Algorithm for Protein Crystallization Screening"

Krishna Madhuri Paramkusem (M.S., 2016)

Thesis: "Classifying Categories of SCADA Attacks Using Apache Mahout"

Kush Shrestha (M.S., 2016)

Thesis: "Evaluation of Apache Spark on Connected Component Labeling for Large Weather Data"

Ritesh Pradhan (M.S., 2016)

Thesis: "Tropical Cyclone Intensity Estimation Using Deep Convolutional Neural Network"

Salma Begum (M.S., 2013)

Thesis: "Greedy Hierarchical Binary Classifiers for Multi-class Classification of Biological Data"

Madhu Sigdel (M.S., 2014)

Thesis: "Focal Stacking of Microscopic Images using Modified Harris Corner Response Measure"

Daniel Woo (M.S., 2014)

Thesis: "Unsupervised Speaker Identification for TV News"

Vineetha Bettaiah (M.S., 2011)

Thesis: "Spatio-Temporal Query and Retrieval System Using Gamepad"

Thejaswi Raya (M.S., 2011)

Thesis: "Automatic Feature Extraction from Tennis Videos for Content Based Retrieval"

Abhidnya Deshpande (M.S., 2009)

Thesis: "Video Classification for Sprite Generation"

Harini Kandadi (M.S., 2009)

Thesis: "SEAL: A Divide and Conquer Approach for Sequence Alignment"

Mitesh Naik (M.S., 2008)

Thesis: "Spatio-Temporal Querying Using a Semantic Sequence State Graph"

Vani Jain (M.S., 2008)

Thesis: "G-SMART: A Grammar - Based Semantic Modeling and Retrieval Tool for Video Database Applications"

Donna Whitman (M.S., 2006)

Thesis: "Analyzing the Complexity of Proctypes and Do Loops for Promela/SPIN"

Rohan Zanje (M.S., 2006)

Thesis: "A Spatio-Temporal Collocation Approach to Multi-Sensor Satellite Data Fusion"

Tarun Yadav (M.S., 2006)

Thesis: "Content-Based Retrieval Based on User Browsing Feedback in Video Databases"

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