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Although computer vision and image processing techniques improved significantly, the subjective user evaluation of video and image data as well as unsatisfactory object recognition methods made it necessary incorporation of fuzzy, uncertain, and imprecise data in multimedia databases. The multimedia database systems have to enable information for an attribute at different levels of uncertainty and support querying with fuzzy and crisp values independent of how data is stored in the database. We have developed a conceptual database model for multimedia database applications using ExIFO2 data model and used Fuzzy Object Oriented Model (FOOD) as the logical model. This multimedia database is applied for videos of soccer games.


Spatio-temporal indexing is one of the challenging areas for querying high dimensional databases. We have introduced novel Semantic Sequence State Graph (S3G) for querying recurrent databases. In recurrent databases, there are a set of objects that repeatedly visit the same places. We have applied our technique for tennis video databases.


We have developed iQuest (Intelligent Query Structuring System) to estimate the what the user is searching by analyzing the history of user's browsing. Such a system analyzes the semantic high-level concepts involved in the browsing history and builds the query accordingly. This is different from techniques that can apply similarity/distance measures for data that can be represented in numeric way.

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