R. Kevin Preston


List of Courses Previously and Currently Taught at UAH:


Graduate Courses:

CS513Computer Architecture

Undergraduate Courses:

CS499 Senior Project: Team Software Design

CS490Introduction to Operating Systems

CS413Computer Architecture

CS309 Computer Organization and Switching Theory

CS308Computer Organization and Assembly Language Programming

CS214 Intro to Discrete Structure

CS121 Computer Science I: C++


Hardware Lab Instruction Responsible for running the Hardware Lab for CS309 and CS413 classes. This includes:

-          Creating and assigning labs.

-          Establishing and Maintaining the lab policies.

-          Training and Scheduling the GTAs that run the lab.

-          Resolve any issues between GTAs and Students.



Work History Summary



Summary of tasks

U.S Army Missile Command (MICOM)

Product Assurance Directive

General Engineering working as a Software Quality Engineering on: TOW, Patriot, Pershing, and MRLS Programs

General Electric

Software Quality Engineering on Patriot and Navy CASS

Hilton Systems, Inc

Software Engineer working IV&V on Patriot, MRLS and BAT

MTA, Inc.

Software Engineering working on BAT and SQA Database development

Lockheed Martin Space

Software Quality Engineer (THAAD Launcher, Battle Manager, Program Level). Quality Assurance Manager (Huntsville Facility, MEADS Program). Internal Auditor.