Teaching Activities

Some of my own thoughts on teaching.

Some of my course materials are freely available.

Courses I am teaching Spring 2023

Courses I have taught:

CS 103 Introduction to Computer Science - Java  
CS 221 CS2 - Data Structures with C++  
CS 307 Object-Oriented Programming with C++ also course coordinator
CS 424/524 Introduction to Programming Languages  
CS 499 Senior Team Project also course coordinator
CS 551 Software Modeling  
CS 630 / 730 Artificial Intelligence I / II with Dan Rochowiak
CS 635/796 Computational Models of Cognition with Dan Rochowiak
CS 650 Software Engineering Process  
CS 652 Object-Oriented Analysis and Design formerly System and Software Requirements
CS 696 Modeling Software Requirements With Conceptual Graphs  
CS 696/796 Logic Models in Computer Science Summer 2007 with Dan Rochowiak
HON 100 Honors Lecture Series  
HON 120 Honors Inquiry  
HON 399 Ethics and the Internet Honors Seminar with D. Heikes and D. Bowyer Fall 2000
HON 399 Machine Intellgence in Movies and TV Honors Seminar Fall 2007 and Spring 2011

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