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A. Summarize your role in your team's activities. Be sure to emphasize original ideas which you put forth and how they were (or were not) incorporated into your team's documents, products and processes.

B. For each team member (including yourself), summarize their participation as you observed it, according to the following rating scheme:

1 - Always 2 - Frequent 3 - Often 4 - Sometimes 5 - Never observed

Team Member Name
(and role, if applicable)
Attends required meetings Participates in discussions Produces quality results Helps others when possible Performs assigned role Hours per week (estimate)

Lessons Learned:

C. What did you learn about software engineering from this course?

D. What else did you learn from this course?

E. What did you not learn from this course that you expected to learn?

F. What suggestions can you make for future versions of this course?