Instructor: Dr. Harry S. Delugach
Phone: (256) 824-6614

Class Meets: Tue.,Thu., 11:10 AM - 12:30 PM
Location: Shelby Center 107 (unless specified)

Office Hours (or by appointment):

  • Mon. 2:15 - 3:30, TH N-351
  • Tues. 2:00-3:45, MH 336
  • Wed. 2:15 - 3:30, TH N-351
  • Thu. 12:45 - 2:00 MH 336
  • Fri. by appointment

Requirements: (see below for Grading)

  • 2 Lecture reports on any two lectures
  • Attend 2 extra events and submit information
  • No more than 2 unexcused absences

Course Objectives


80-100 points = Satisfactory (S)
0-79 points = Unsatisfactory (U)

Two allowed unexcused absences. Subtract two points for each additional unexcused absence
Report 1
due Feb. 18

20 - well done, good ideas, etc.
16 - acceptable, adequate, satisfactory
-15 - unacceptable, too short, etc.; you are allowed to revise and re-submit to replace this grade.
Subtract one point per day if submitted after the deadline (see below).

Report 2
due Apr. 11
Event 1
due Feb. 25
20 - appropriate, with a complete description
- inappropriate or otherwise unacceptable. you are expected to submit another to replace this grade.
Event 2
due Apr. 18
80-100 - Satisfactory (S)
0-79 - Unsatisfactory (U)

General Policies

Please read the general guidelines and policies that apply to this course. They are a part of this syllabus. This syllabus is freely available to anyone. All other course materials, assignments, announcements, discussions, etc. will be distributed and submitted using UAHuntsville's course management system ANGEL.

ANGEL Online Access

Communication in this class will be conducted through ANGEL. To access it, go to You'll find instructions there about id/password and access information. You can get help from the TAG help desk at or at (256) 824-3333.

Course Schedule

The most current schedule of Lecture Series is always available on the Honors web site at Note that the schedule may be subject to last-minute changes.


Lecture reports and extra events have submission deadlines as specified above. One point (out of 20) will be subtracted for each day (or fraction thereof) that your submission is late. NO SUBMISSIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER APRIL 25 FOR ANY REASON. Any un-submitted work will be assigned a grade of zero at that time and averaged into your final grade.


Attendance at regularly scheduled Lecture Series sessions is required. Emergency absences must be approved by the instructor. If you wish to request that an absence be excused, please do so by ANGEL email. If you are absent because of an approved University activity, the sponsor should give you a request for excused absence(s) to show your instructors. A student is allowed no more than two unexcused absences from class sessions; additional absences will reduce your grade. Students are responsible for signing the attendance sheet circulated at each session. You are not allowed to sign for someone else for any reason.


It is distracting, rude, disrespectful, and unprofessional to "walk out" in the middle of any session. Attending part of a session is preferable to missing it entirely, but please try to arrive on time and remain until the program is over. In particular, speakers and performers will be distracted if you arrive late or leave early. You may wish to take notes on the presentation, but you're not allowed to use Honors Lecture Series as a time to work on other classes. Do not allow laptops, cell phones, beepers, alarms, etc. to disturb our class.

If you miss a substantial portion of any session, the instructor may -- at their sole discretion -- consider you absent from the session, even if you have signed the attendance sheet.

Lecture Reports

Each student will write two reports, each based on a presentation that you choose. Reports should be submitted within two weeks of the presentation. See Grading (above) for when the reports are due. A report should be about 700 to 900 words (about 2 single-spaced pages). Additional research or reading is not required; however, material from any source other than the presentations must be appropriately cited.

Proofread your reports! Essays that are not up to Honors Program standards will be given a grade of ZERO and returned for rewriting. Typos, misspellings, improper or missing punctuation and grammatical mistakes all detract from your report's quality.

Each report should address the basic questions listed below, but you may also address other issues you deem important. Each report should include the name of the speaker and the topic, but you may develop whatever title you believe is appropriate. The report should be single-spaced on numbered pages. If you use OpenOffice, you must save your file as a .doc or .docx (MS Word) file before submitting it.

Reports are returned to you through Angel with added comments (as "tracked changes") graded on a 20-point scale (see above)

The Basic Elements of a Lecture Report:

Absolutely forbidden in any written work in this course:

If any of these appear, your paper may be returned to you with a zero. If you have any questions about these, please ask the instructor or any of your writing instructors.

Approved Events

All students in Honors Lecture Series are also required to attend two approved events. Events should have a primary cultural or academic purpose, normally involving a presentation or performance offered either to the public or the UAH community at large. In general, do not consider events that are less than 45 minutes in duration. Use the following lists as a guide in your selection of events.

These are typical approved events:

The following events are not approved unless specific exceptions are given in advance of the event:

To receive credit for an event, submit your information using an ANGEL drop box. Make sure you include the event name (if any), speaker/presenter/performer name(s), date, location, sponsor, type of event, approximate length of the event and a brief summary (a few sentences). Do NOT attach a file to your event submission -- use only the text box given.