Welcome to the home page for the Visualization and Graphics Interest Group, a group of students and faculty, currently all of whom have some former or current relationship with the University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH). Most of the students who have been with the group are or have been (at one time) students of the Computer Science Department. The department has a strong undergraduate program which is accredited by ABET. The department also has a fine graduate program, offering both the MS and Ph.D degrees. The department has active research programs in a number of visual data-related areas, including scientific visualization, computer graphics, parallel computing, computer vision, pattern recognition, image and volume processing, data mining, and large image database query. Some in the department are also interested in human-computer interaction. The computer science faculty take an active interest in students and help students achieve an excellent technical education. At UAH, our students learn the fundamentals of computer science and augment their studies with expertise in a particular subfield, such as visualization or graphics.

In the linked pages here, you will find details of past and ongoing efforts of Visualization and Graphics Interest Group people. Enjoy your visit!