The UAH Computer Science Department offers several courses closely related to visualization and graphics interests. Those courses and their catalog descriptions are listed below.

CS 445/545 Introduction to Computer Graphics
Introduction to the theory and mechanics of computer graphics. Brief historical perspective, progressing through extended discussion on topics such as display hardware technology, 2D raster scan conversion algorithms, 2D and 3D geometric transformations, and 3D projection and viewing techniques. Involves a significant number of programming projects.

CS 645 Advanced Computer Graphics
Introduction to the hierarchical modeling paradigm and to 3D solid modeling. High resolution 3D graphics including topics in curve and surface representation, solid modeling, visible surface determination, color theory, illumination and shading, texture mapping, and antialiasing. Emphasis is on 3D techniques and algorithms.

CS 595/548 Principles of Graphical User Interface Design
Introduction to Human-Computer Interaction and principles of GUI design. Study of windowing systems and development tools.

CS 642 Computer Processing of Digital Images
Introduction to Image Processing, including sensing, sampling, quantization, transforms, image enhancement and restoration, segmentation, and practical applications

CS 646 Computer Geometry Modeling
Numerical and computer representation of curves and surfaces, solid geometry modeling, and management aspects of geometric data. Hermite Splines, Cubic Bezier curves/surfaces, graph-based and Boolean models and concepts of constructive application to CFD, CAD, robotics, animation, image processing, and computer graphics

CS 796 Volume Visualization
Volume visualization/rendering, including advanced visualization mechanisms enabling fast viewing and addressing quality of rendering issues. Topics in all three major paradigms will be considered, although most of the course will focus on the direct and the indirect volume rendering mechanisms. Advanced analytical tasks will be performed on the literature. Offered once every three to four years.

IRREGULAR OFFERING: Information Visualization.
PLANNED COURSE: 3D Game Graphics.